Bring together all tranplantees

Bring together all transplantees of organs and tissue, locally or abroad, and those awaiting to be transplanted with an organ or tissue and look after their needs and well-being

Decision making

Discuss at Committee level all cases of shortcomings or deprivation of rights and take the appropriate action with the competent authorities

Honour and Communication

Honour the memory of our deceased donors and members and keep contact with their next of kin

Increase Awareness

Promote, on an ongoing campaign, the awareness as well as the encouragement of the registration of more persons as Organ Donors in the Maltese Islands


Maintain liaison with the Health Authorities and Organisations working for similar objectives to further the aims of the Group and the interests of our members.

Solidarity and Support

The Group Committee keeps constant contact with our 288 members, organises social activities and intervenes to assist in problems connected with medical appointments, social housing and other connected issues.